This is NOT Just a Course!
It's NOT just a bunch of Canva Templates
It’s NOT just a Funnel Building Software

It is a EVERYTHING you need!

Unlike most programs that you purchase only to find out you'll need a bunch of different softwares and assets to use... 

This program gives you everything! 

Get Everything you need

For Your Online Business

  • ​Funnel/Website Builder With DFY Templates!
  • Custom CRM For Automated Follow Up​!
  • All The Canva Templates You Need!
This is the most all inclusive package you'll ever see!

What Is The Unlimited Life Academy?

The Unlimited Life Academy is a community of entrepreneurs focusing on growth through personal development and entrepreneurship.

As a member of Unlimited Life Academy, you'll be surrounding yourself with other like minded people who encourage and inspire each other to do better.

We all share our tips, tricks, and strategies of what we're doing to grow our brands and businesses.

What Is Leverage My Launch Online Business Launch Pad?

The Leverage My Launch program was created to help support our members (Unlimited Lifers) with launching their own products or services.

Whether you're a Coach, Speaker, Author, Influencer, or just someone ready to package up there knowledge to sell it to the world...We got you covered!

Unlike other programs that you pay $1,000's of dollars for just to realize that you have to buy other softwares to use it, We give you everything you need!

This is a 90 day program to get your Online Business Launched! (Typically takes 30 days to launch) 
With our Leverage My Launch system, you'll have all the tools and resources you need to launch your own product or service in just 30 days!

That's right...Just 30 days to have your entire business up and running online!

Just follow 3 steps:

Leverage My Launch Process

Offer Creation

System Setup


Here's the things you need to succeed that most don't tell you

  • ​Funnel/Website builder
  • ​Email Auto responder
  • ​Payment processor
  • ​Social media post
  • ​And a game plan to work them all together

Until now there wasn't a way to get all of these in one place, introducing...


Here's What You Get When You Join

Everything included to Launch and Scale Your Online Business!

Number #1

ULA Suites Software

The ULA Suites Software is powered by High Level, which is the most all inclusive platform on the market.

What sets ULA Suites apart from other white labeled High Level accounts is that we include all the pre-built proven converting templates your your business.

the power of using ula suites

ULA Suites is a High powered software that lets you completely automate your business online. 

No more trying to connect other funnel builders and autoresponders, everything you need is built into ULA Suites. 

Never let a lead slip through the cracks with the power of the built in CRM.
  • Completely Automate your System so you can spend more time on your business and less time in it! 
  • Convert more leads with all the automation follow up
The #1 reason why most entrepreneurs don't make as much money as they should is because they don't have the right follow up sequence in place once a potential customer enters their system.

Never again with ULA Suites inside the Leverage My Launch program! 

Number #2

DFY Funnel Templates

Who has time to build their own funnels?

With the Leverage My Launch program, we include all the funnels you need to launch your products or service.

No need to guess if your funnel will convert because these have been tried and tested.

If you can fill in the blank...you can use these funnels!
(This funnel was built using one of our templates)  

Number #3

DFY Canva Templates

Creating your own graphics has never been easier!

We give you Canva templates for...
Facebook and Instagram posts
Launch templates for IG and Facebook
Video Thumbnails
Weekly planner 
365 daily IG posts
Mockups for your products
and more!

All The Canva Templates Your Business Needs!

  • Need a Lead Magnet? Use our Workbook/Ebook Template!
  • Need Fresh Ideas For Your Social Media Posts? Use our 365 Instagram posts templates and be set for the year!
  • Need the right launch posts? Use one of our several launch post templates!
  • Need thumbnails for your videos? We have templates for YouTube, Wistia, and Vimeo!
  • Need a podcast cover image? Use our podcast cover template!
  • ​Need Facebook ads? We even have templates for your Facebook ads!
  • ​Need to stay focused? Use our weekly planner template!

Number #4

Email and Copy Swipes

I don't know about you but I hate writing copy!

But copy is vital to run a successful business online...
Don't worry, we got you covered!

Use our easy to follow scripts to write all the copy you'll need. From funnel copy to email follow up sequences, we has scripts for you to follow! 


Leverage My Launch is NOT….

  • A course for you to follow and probably never finish
  • A bunch of Fluff and not enough stuff
  • A year long coaching program

It is... 

Your all in one solution to launch and scale your online business in 30 to 90 days! 


  • ULA Suites Software -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------(value $441)
  • DFY Funnel Templates ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ (value 4,997)
  • DFY Canva Templates --------------------------------------------------------------------------------(value $197)
  • ​Email and Copy Swipes ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- (value $497)
  • Weekly Group Coaching ------------------------------------------------------------------------- (value $5,997)
  • BONUS #1 Private Facebook Group -----------------------------------------------------------------------(value $997)
  • ​BONUS #2 Organic Marketing Course  --------------------------------------------------------------------(value $297)
  • ​BONUS #3 1 ON 1 COACHING CALL  -----------------------------------------------------------------(value priceless)
  • ULA Suites Software --------------------------------(value $441)
  • DFY Funnel Templates ---------------------------- (value 4,997)
  • DFY Canva Templates ------------------------------(value $197)
  • ​Email and Copy Swipes ----------------------------(value $497)
  • Weekly Group Coaching -------------------------(value $5,997)
  • ​BONUS #1 Private Facebook Group ----------------------------------------------------(value $997)
  • ​BONUS #2 Organic Marketing Course ---------------------------------------------------(value $297)
  • ​BONUS #3 1 ON 1 COACHING CALL ----------------------------------------------------(value priceless)

Total Value: $12,975

Yours Today For Just $1,497!
Only 20 Spots Available Each Month!

The BAD NEWS is:

The bad new is I know this isn't for everyone...

  • It’s NOT for people not willing to invest in themselves or their future
  • It’s NOT for people looking for some magic pill
  • It’s NOT for lazy people not willing to put in a little work
  • ​​It’s NOT for freebie seekers expecting everything to be handed to them
  • ​It’s NOT for people who don't have the drive to live a life unlimited

If That's NOT You...


The Leverage My Launch Program Is Exactly What You Need!

Everything you need to succeed!

  •  Funnel Builder
  •  Email Autoresponder
  •  Pipeline Builder
  • ​ SMS Messenger
  • ​Facebook and IG Messenger
  •  Payment processor
  •  Ads Manager
  •  Reputation Manager
  • ​ Facebook Templates
  • ​Instagram Templates
  • ​Supportive Community
  •  Ebook Template
  •  Launch Templates
  •  Group Post Templates
  • ​ Email and Copy Swipes
  • ​Private Facebook Group
  • ​Weekly Live Coaching

About Coach Corey . . .

Coach Corey hit the ground running in 2018 in the online business niche when his daughter was born and he quickly...
  • ​Built Several Facebook Groups to 1,ooo+ Members
  • ​Made over $10,000 selling his $47 Facebook Group Course
  • ​Made over 6 figures with affiliate marketing
  • ​JV partnered With Top Marketers like Blake Nubar
  • ​Was interviewed by Top Marketers like Alex Eliot, Doug Boughton, Kim Dang, Rachel S Lee, and many more!
  • ​He Spoke On Stage With Some Of Todays Top Marketers Including, Alan Dean, Angie Norris, Akbar Shiek, and James Smiley
  • ​Became an Amazon Best Selling author
  • ​Started the Unlimited Life Academy podcast
  • ​Interviewed industry experts like Ryan Stewman, Sean Whalen, Zack Babcock, Spencer Mecham, and many more
Perhaps we have two things in common:

1. I am an info-product and course creator (just like you). I'm grateful I've had the opportunity to work with 2.000+ entrepreneurs in my paid courses. I help them to do profitable marketing and get more customers.

2. I HATE WRITING. PERIOD. (just like you?) But I know how important writing a sales copy is. Without a great copy, I wouldn’t have been able to sell any of my courses (... and more importantly: wouldn’t have had such an impact on their lives.) So I had no choice. I had to learn it.
I clearly remember how hard it was at the beginning. And I don’t want you to experience long-long hours in front of a screen, with a blank document opened, staring at a blinking cursor and NOT knowing HOW to start.
I felt HORRIBLE and overwhelmed during these moments. 
He achieved all of this in his first 18 months of starting his online entrepreneurial journey!
Now he wants to help you do the same with his Leverage My Launch program.


When Coach Corey first started his online entrepreneurial journey, there was nothing that frustrated him more that trying to put all the puzzle pieces together.

Which funnel builder to use, which email autoresponder, not being able to figure out how to connect everything. And after all of that, something was always broke or not working correctly. 

That's why he put the Leverage My Launch program together with ULA Suites software. It gives you everything you need all in one place and completely eliminates the guess work! 

Bonus #1

Private Facebook Group

Oh great, another Facebook group to join!

The difference between this Facebook group and others is that Coach Corey doesn't hold the reigns on his members. In fact, he encourages his Unlimited Lifers to treat the group as if it's their own!

You'll never have to think about "Is it ok for me to go live in this group" or "Is the admin going to ban me if I post this."  

"This is Your Practice Field"

Coach Corey want's you to use this group as a place to practice, so feel free to Go Live and practice your pitch before you do it in your own group.

Watch other people do their pitch and give them your feedback.

Together we'll do it better!

Bonus #2

Organic Marketing Course

Over the course of 3 years, Coach Corey has grown his followers into the thousands on multiply platforms, several times, and has profited big from his followings.

In this organic marketing course, Coach Corey shares with you every step of the way to build the know, like, and trust factor so you can do as he did and promote products to your followers without feeling ecky. 

Bonus #3

Weekly Group Coaching

If all of this wasn't already enough... 

Coach Corey will be doing live weekly coaching calls to help hold you accountable and make sure your doing the steps needed to launch your product or service in 30 days.

The reason this program is 90 days is because Coach Corey knows that it takes some a little longer than others because life happens, but every month he walks through the entire process so you wont have to worry about getting stuck.

Here's What Some Of Coach Corey's Past Students Have To Say...

Clickfunnels 2CC Award Winner 

Jaimie Gardener

Eileen, Financial Education Coach & ULA Suites Lifetime User

Debra, Youtuber, Lifetime User and former Clickfunnels user.

Regan, Founder Of Side Hustle Shuffle & one of our lifetime account holders.

Jason, Lifetime User Of ULA Suites

What Are You Waiting For?
Together We'll Do It Better!

  • ULA Suites Software --------------------------------(value $441)
  • DFY Funnel Templates ---------------------------- (value 4,997)
  • DFY Canva Templates ------------------------------(value $197)
  • ​Email and Copy Swipes ----------------------------(value $497)
  • Weekly Group Coaching -------------------------(value $5,997)
  • BONUS #1 Private Facebook Group ----------------------------------------------------(value $997)
  • ​BONUS #2 Organic Marketing Course ---------------------------------------------------(value $297)
  • BONUS #3 1 ON 1 COACHING CALL ----------------------------------------------------(value priceless)
  • ULA Suites Software ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- (value $441)
  • DFY Funnel Templates ---------------------------------------------------------------------- (value $4,997)
  • DFY Canva Templates --------------------------------------------------------------------------(value $197)
  • ​​Email and Copy Swipes ------------------------------------------------------------------------ (value $497)
  • Weekly Group Coaching --------------------------------------------------------------------- (value $5,997)
  • ​BONUS #1 Private Facebook Group -----------------------------------------------------------------------(value $997)
  • ​​BONUS #2 Organic Marketing Course --------------------------------------------------------------------(value $297)
  • BONUS #3 1 ON 1 COACHING CALL -----------------------------------------------------------------(value priceless)

Total Value: $12,975

Yours Today For Just $2,997!
Only 20 Spots Available Each Month!

(Then $77/month after 90 days)

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there anything else I'll have to purchase once I join the program?

No, Everything you need to start and scale your business online is included with the program. After 90 days you'll have the option to join the program again to continue the weekly coaching calls or you can continue on for just $147 a month to keep your access to the ULA Suites software and all the extra trainings and templates. 

Do you offer a money back guarantee? 

Unfortunately due to the nature of the program, we don't offer a money back guarantee because you could go through all the training and download the templates and then ask for your money back. Besides like my good friend Tommy Boy once said "You can crap in a box and slap a guarantee on it but all you have is a guaranteed piece of crap"  and we know our program isn't crap :) 

What if I don't want to use the ULA Suites?

You don't have to use the ULA Suites software but the trainings and coaching will be based off of it. Once you see how easy it is to use, we're sure you'll ditch any other funnels builders. 

Is there replays of the weekly coaching calls if I can't make it live?

Absolutely! We encourage our members to make it to the live coaching calls if possible but we understand that our members are all over the world so some can't make it live. 

If I can't make the live coaching calls, how to I get my questions answered?

If you can't make the live coaching calls, you can always ask your questions in the group and Coach Corey will answer your question either in a live video or schedule a time to jump on a video conference with him. 

Do I have to pay the $2,997 every 90 days to stay in the program?

The program is 90 days, however most people can launch their product or service in 30 days. If you would like to keep being a part of the live coaching calls then you would have to sign up again after 90 days. However, our price will be increasing and whatever price you join at, you'll be locked into as long as you stay and active member. After your original 90 day membership, if you choose not to stay in the coaching calls, you'll have the option to keep using ULA Suites for just $147 per month. 

How much money could I make after going through this program?

That's completely up to you and results will very depending on what offer your create and if you decide to run paid ads or not. Our goal is to have our members launch and scale their offer with a 3X return on investment by the end of the 90 days but thats solely dependent on our member and the action they take. 

Join The Leverage my Launch Online Business Launch Pad Today In Order To Lock In Your Spot As One Of Our 20 Members This Month!

  • ULA Suites Software --------------------------------------------------------------------------- (value $441)
  • DFY Funnel Templates ---------------------------------------------------------------------- (value $4,997)
  • DFY Canva Templates --------------------------------------------------------------------------(value $197)
  • ​Email and Copy Swipes ------------------------------------------------------------------------ (value $497)
  • Weekly Group Coaching ---------------------------------------------------------------------(value $5,997)
  • ​BONUS #1 Private Facebook Group -----------------------------------------------------------------------(value $997)
  • ​​BONUS #2 Organic Marketing Course --------------------------------------------------------------------(value $297)
  • ​BONUS #3 1 ON 1 COACHING CALL -----------------------------------------------------------------(value priceless)
  • ULA Suites Software --------------------------------(value $441)
  • DFY Funnel Templates ---------------------------- (value 4,997)
  • DFY Canva Templates ------------------------------(value $197)
  • Email and Copy Swipes ----------------------------(value $497)
  • Weekly Group Coaching -------------------------(value $5,997)
  • ​BONUS #1 Private Facebook Group ----------------------------------------------------(value $997)
  • ​BONUS #2 Organic Marketing Course ---------------------------------------------------(value $297)
  • ​BONUS #3 1 ON 1 COACHING CALL ----------------------------------------------------(value priceless)

Total Value: $12,975

Yours Today For Just $1,497!
Only 20 Spots Available Each Month!

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